In 1996, my wife, Ann, and I ... embarked on our 15 year alpaca adventure. Our children were grown and pursuing their own life paths, so we felt it was time to alter our hectic suburban life style to a slower paced life in the country.

Immediately after purchasing our dream farm, we began raising alpacas. This became our passion and love for the last 15 years. We can honestly say we received more enjoyment and gratification from raising these amazing animals than anything we had ever pursued previously.

Naturally we were very involved in the evolution of the alpaca business as an industry and for six years I served on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association gaining important insight into the concerns and assistance needed to support new breeders in this intriguing lifestyle. At the same time Ann became very knowledgeable in birthing and neonatal care and overseeing the daily maintenance and well being of our alpaca herd.

Over the years, our children, grandchildren and friends have had the privilege of experiencing many hours of alpaca fun; enjoying the alpacas peaceful, serene behavior and laughing at their sometimes comical antics – especially when the crias were playing “follow the leader”. At this time my wife and I need to move on to the next stage of our lives. We are retiring after overcoming some major health issues and in the future will participate on more of a consulting basis.


Our alpacas are being offered at very, very reasonable prices in groupings of small herds of compatible animals. We are hoping to attract owners who will appreciate our beautiful, healthy alpacas and provide them with a suitable environment. We are always available for support and assistance after the sale.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Paul & Ann Connor