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alpacas for saleIf you’re seeking alpacas for sale for either breeding purposes or simply to keep as a fantastic pet, we have a superb selection of the best UK Alpaca breeders in our Big Sky directory. Top quality breeding stock can boost your herd so its important to get the best nurtured and cared for Alpacas. Alpacas make excellent fuzzy lawnmowers and also uniquely re-memorable family pets. They will make a perfect buddy for you or your other animals. They are generally very friendly, have terrific personalities and are a real delight to own and care for. If you want to know the best places where to buy Alcapas, Big Sky Alpacas Directory is a trusted source housing the best breed Alpacas for sale in the UK. Below you will find listings of the best Alpaca farms in the UK who are trusted and endorsed for their breeding practices and stock.

Interesting Facts about Alpacas for sale :

Alpacas belong to the Camelid family, i.e. Camels, Llamas (believed to have reproduced from Guanacos)

Alpacas are typically reproduced for their fleece (making approx. 3kg each) however in their country of origin (Chile, Peru and also Bolivia) they are also consumed as a meal and their skins used as rugs.

There are two types of Alpaca, the Huacaya and also the Suri. The Huacaya has a dense, cosy, woolly fleece whilst the Suri has long streaming silky curls.

Alpacas need space to roam free so good breeders will house 5-6 Alpacas per each acre of quality grass. Alpacas are very sturdy and equipped to deal with outdoor conditions. They don’t need costly housing as they prefer to roam free outdoors.  All they need is shelter from harsh conditions such as strong rainfall, snow or overly hot sun.

Alpacas can be moved quickly without worry from location to location in a transport vehicle and generally sit down for the entire journey and just enjoy the ride.

Alpacas love to eat grass, hay/haylege and also some alpaca concentrates in the winter months. Obviously they must have access to clean water all times of the year.

Ladies mature at 12 months, men at 15 months although it is generally two and a half to 3 years before a male is mature enough to become to be a full functioning stud. Alpacas typically give birth in the daytime hours as in their native land the nights are freezing cool and also baby alpacas (crias) should be dried off before nightfall.

Alpacas typically give birth in the daytime hours as in their native land the nights are freezing cool and also child alpacas (crias) should be dried off before nightfall.

The lifespan of an Alpaca is 15-20 years. Alpacas are intelligent animals and can quickly be halter-trained for show objectives etc

What is the difference between Alpacas and Llamas?

baby alpacas for saleLlamas are taller, growing to at least 4ft at the shoulder whereas an alpaca is about 3ft.

Llamas are much more angular, having a straight back as well as tail established high. Whereas alpacas are a lot more rounded cuddly-looking animals.

Llamas have big distinctive banana-shaped ears however Alpacas have balanced lance designed ears that point at the ends.

Llamas usually moult in spring or autumn annually although some moult every two years and some won’t moult at all.
Llamas are breed as pack animals and can be utilized for hiking whereas Alpacas are bred totally for their fleece.

Thinking about buying Alpacas for sale – Starter Guide:

Most people are uncertain how you can get going with alpacas. Taking the first steps can be quite complicated as there is much to discover about alpacas and the different alpacas available for sale.

You might want to begin with castrated men as family pets or sheep/chicken guards. Maybe you wish to invest in breeding stock for enjoyment or to establish a company organization. Whatever you choose, we have breeders that can help. If you are brand-new to the concept of owning alpacas or have limited first hand experience, it is essential to research before purchasing any alpacas for sale. Click the following link to have a look at our definitive guide to halter training Alpacas.

Alternatively why don’t you grab the phone or email us to discuss your individual needs with us. This can then be followed up with a no commitment visit to one of the farms we recommend in our directory.

All of these alpacas available have actually been meticulously bred over several years and also this provides buyers less danger with their financial investment, as the bloodlines are reliable and also well known throughout Europe. A number of our customers acquire pregnant ladies and afterwards reveal the children at a variety of programs throughout Europe.

If you’re an Alpaca breeder and interested in renting an advertising spot this website then please contact us using the contact form in the navigation bar and transform your business with a mass of buyers interested in buying Alpacas for sale.